10 Tips on How To Get More Views and Subscribers on YouTube for Free


As the 2nd largest search engine in the world, is a widely used channel to promote entertain, and educate audiences. YouTube has roughly 22 billion monthly visitors and the average sessions duration is just under 40  minutes.

Most of the people Like to watch news on YouTube. A Lot

However, like all things on the internet getting more  YouTube   views has been a pursuit that people have started to throw money at-sometimes through shady enterprises to promote their content. People are buying YouTube  views in hopes of either fooling YouTuber’s  algoritms or convincing people that so many others have watched their video so they should too.


There’s just a few problems with this approach:

  1.     YouTube’s bot detection capabilities are getting better and better.
  2. The algorithms are paying more attention to user behavior rather than views count
  3. It can be more expensive

Here are 30 tips on how to do just that.


Get Views  from YouTube’s Organic Search Results

Like Google’s search results algorithms, YouTube has its own algoritms, YouTube has its own algoritms used to showcase the best and most relevant videos to users.


Imagine if a blind person had the task of categorizing content by which content was best.

Sound Impossible?

Thankfully, YouTube has a wide variety of factors in its algorithm to decide which videos are the best and rank in the top its search results.


1. Use Descriptive and Keyword Rich Titles            

This is where your keyword research will come into play.. A descriptive and interesting title will do to things: Provide  keywords for the algorithm to sort for relevancy purpose and attract users and inform about what the video is about.  To conduct keyword research, you can use typical SEO methods like using keyword planner or other keyword research tools.




To check keyword popularity on YouTube, go to keyword planner and select YouTube search on the far right. Optimizing your video content for the right keywords will help gain organic views by informing users and the search engine just what your video is about.


2. Have Quality and Keyword Rich Descriptions


The video description is where you can better inform the search engines and users just what exactly your video is about. This will help to increase the click-through-rate and thus the views, as users will know what to expect in your video.

Try to both stand-out and remain generic; you should capture interest while still trying to rank for short-tail keywords. Entice users and optimize them correctly for the YouTube search engine as you would with a normal SEO meta description.


3. Use Tags

YouTube video tags further help distinguish what your video content about and helps the algorithm understand what users will view when they see your video. These, along with along with your description and title, should reflect the core of what your video is about. Think short-tail SEO again.

If you need Keyword help, you can use keyword planner, as mentioned above.


4. Optimize Your Thumbnail Image

Your thumbnail image, can work very nicely and wonder when increasing your YouTube views whether they’re on the organic result page, suggested videos section, or appearing on social media. Use high quality images that feature readable and engaging fonts and facial-closeups, if they’re featured in your video.

Have your thumbnail be a visual correspondent to your title and description to boost your video views.


5. Create Transcripts of  Your Videos

Captions or transcripts of your videos have been heavily debated as to their ability to increase your YouTube ranking. However, closed captions can help get more YouTube views as they carter to international audiences and the disabled.

Ranking well for YouTube’s organic results can increase your vies immensely and provide a sustainable method of viewership traffic. Buying YouTube views may provide quick boost in views, but its not good long term solution as a behavioral analytics are more meaningful ranking factor in the eyes of YouTube’s algorithms.



6. Provide Content that Educates or Entertains or Both

Your video content should provide value to the viewer; whether it’s teaching them how to do or understand something, or simple keeping them engaged and entertained. When users find your content valuable, they’ll return for more and increase the views on your other future video content.


7. Piggyback off of Viral Trends

Create video content that piggybacks off of already existing viral trends. There’s already a builtin market desire to view content within the context of a viral phenomenon, so your should tap into it.

It’s not always possible to tie your video content in with ongoing trends; however, if you can find a clever way to do it, you can boos your views on YouTube with the help of a hungry public looking for more trending contextual content.


8. Use Guest YouTubers

Similar to guest posting for blog content, guest YouTubers, industry influencers, or persons of note with their own following can do wonders for boosting views. Similar to marketing. Guest Youtubing can entice your users with household industry names and provide a different and unique perspective to your industry’s sphere.


9. Create Video Content that Imitates Your Industry’s Best

Picasso once said ” good artists borrow, great artists steal.” While I would never advocate for plagiarism of any kind, Picasso’s point rings very true in regard to popular YouTube videos. A potential goldmine for boosting your view comes from the suggested videos section that appears on the sidebar and in a grid after a video has been completed.


YouTube algorithms will present content here as they would for an organic result with one caved: the video a user just watched may have less to do with the original query they put in, and more to with the relevancy to the video the user just viewed. Thus, the content presented at the end of a watched video will be similar to the content that was just viewed.

By optimizing your video to be relevant to other popular videos, you’ll increase the chances of driving users to view your YouTube channel and video, fast.

You can target similar keyword and descriptions and create video content that covers the same topic with a more engaging tone or with more information presented in more accessible way.


10. Create Playlists

Create playlists for your content so viewers can watch it consecutively. After the first video ends, your other videos will automatically play, which will get more views for each played videos without them having to navigate off the player.

You can embed playlists, post them in your channel, or have users share them to increase  the total views for each playlists.

Make each one unique and give them flow and relevancy with the order in which they are played. These are great for education or entertaining content that tells a story or goes in depth into how different components make up a whole.


Important Thing – Remember to Be Patient

Getting a lot views on YouTube takes time. The platform has its own checks and balances to ensure that quality video content is reaching its users always and often. Try building an active subscriber base and they will make up the big elephant’s share of your views.




Most Important Cyber Attacks Techniques that often used by Hackers

The cyber attacks occurs on a daily basis, and these can range from attacks on tech giants to individuals falling fouls to the many scams which are present online.

Thankfully, there are ways in which people and groups at both end of the scale can reduce their level of susceptiblity to attacks, with virtual private networks and antivirus software programs among the most commonly used.

However, to ensure that you’re getting the protection you deserve, it’s important to do some research and check out some reviews, to ensure that you’ve paid a lot of money for it.

with that in mind, this article explores some of the internet’s greatest dangers and the most popular scams to watch out for.

Socially engineered Malware

Socially engineered malware is designed to trick unsupecting internet users into running a Trojan horse program, coming from a phony source disguised as a familiar website

The website, which has been temporarily compromised by hackers, tells users that in order to gain access they must install a new piece of software.

These truly are the charlatans of the internet, as they will often to be doing something legitimate, such as warining you about your security whilst harvesting your personal date in the background

Password Phishing Attacks

Over 50 percent of emails sent every day are spam. Alot of it is just ordinary junk attempting to sell us a product, but some are more sinisterposing as something familiar in an attempt to get us to reveal personal several of these per weeks, so stay on guard.

For example you may get an email from what appears to be your bank, Claiming that there is a discrepancy regarding your account and that you must type in your password to find out more. Ignore these at all costs, and if you have any doubt about your account activity, simply call your bank directly instead.

Social Media 

While social media is undoubtedly a great activity enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people around the world, it doesn’t come completely free of risk. Have you ever been added on Facebook by an odd-looking profile, with no mutual friends?  If you have, always ignore and delete, as we often reveal a lot about ourselves unknowingly via social media.

What’s more ambitious hackers often target the largest companies such as twitter and Facebook, as they can not only harvest huge amounts.

7 Free Tools to Rank #1 in Google | SEO Optimization Techniques to Boost up Your Rankings

Most people say you need to build links. Most people say you need to do on page SEO.

But where do you start?

Hey everyone, I’m Rajat today I’m going to share seven free tools that will help you rank number one on Google.

Tip #1: Quick Sprout Analyzer.

Quick Sprout’s a free tool, go to quicksprout.com, put in your URL, it’s a gamified SEO application, and it’ll break down the problems, and will walk you through how to fix them step by step. If you’re not putting in the right keywords in your title tag or your description or your alt image tags, Quick Sprout will tell you, and Quick Sprout can publish them all for you. This will help with SEO optimization and google ranking.


#2: Yoast SEO plugin.

It’s one of my favorite tools. With the Yoast SEO plugin, every time you publish a blog post, it’ll give you a score andtell you, hey, here’s how you can optimize every single one of your blog posts to get the maximum amount of traffic.


#3: Google Search Console.

With Google Search Console every time you publish a new blog post or a page, you have an XML site map. The XML site map is created by the Yoast Plugin which you then submit to Search Console. Search Console shows you how many impressions you’re getting, how many clicks you’re getting, which pages are popular, and it even shows you which keywords are getting a lot of impressions for, but not a lot of clicks. You can then go and optimize your content by adding those keywords in, adjusting your title tag, your meta description to include those keywords, and maximize your click-through rate and boost your google ranking.


#4: Google Trends.

Google Trends shows you brand queries. That way you’ll know which brands are more popular and what people are searching for. Take the car industry for example. There’s General Motors, and BMW. They both have millions of dollars to spend on SEO. They both have millions of back links. How does Google know which to rank higher? One of the factors within Google is brand queries and Google Trends will show you that BMW is searched far more than General Motors. So what’s Google going to do? They’re going to rank the more popular car manufacturer ahead of the other. #5: websiteresponsivetest.com More people are using Google on their mobile or tablet devices than they are on their desktop or laptops. You want to make sure your website is responsive, and people on mobile devices can load your website extremely fast, and using this free tool, it’ll show you how other websites and mobile visitors are seeing your website.


#6: Screaming Frog.

Screaming Frog is a super technical SEO optimization tool. You put in a URL, and it shows you every little thing that’s wrong, from titles to headings to keywords to links. It analyzes every little thing from the super advanced technical framework.


#7: Google PageSpeed Insights.

Google PageSpeed Insights shows how fast your website loads and if it loads slow, that’s okay. They break down a list that shows what you need to improve both for desktop devices and mobile devices, so that way your website can load extremely fast. Make sure your website loads extremely fast. Check out those tools, they work really well, and will help you rank #1 in google.

Hacker uses ProtonMail VPN. Hacker DDoSes ProtonMail. Hacker gets arrested.

Braggadocio teen part of up and coming Apophis Squad hacking sauad fails to protect his identity. Gets promptly arrested by UK police. Pleads guilty.

A major openSec mistake led to the arrest of a hacker part of a hacking crew that the summer.

The hacker is 19 year old teenager named George Duke-Cohan, From Herfordshire, UK Duke-Cohan was known online under the nick name of “optcz1” the leader of the Apophis Squad hacking crew.

The UK National Crime Agency announced Duke-Cohan’s arrest earlier today, along with the teenager’s guilty plea for making bomb threat against 400 schools and a UK-to-Us intercontinental flight.

In this blog posts published today after the NCA announcement. ProtonMail and infosec journalist Brain Krebs –Whose site Apphis Squad members had also hit with DDos atack confirmed that information they provided to authorities following atacks on their sites led to Duke-Cohan’s arrrest.

In particular, ProtonMail says that Duke-Cohan and other Apophis Squad members were proton Mail users, a valuable piece of information that narrowed down the search for possible suspects.

ProtonMail provides info on Duke-Cohan to UK authorities in early August, But the NCA did not intervene to make an arrest, for valid reasons, according to the secure email provider.

“it, however, also led to a very unfortunate incident involving United Airlines Flight 949, ProtoMail  founder Andy Yen said today. *On August 9 Duke-Cohan posed as the father of a distressed airline passenger, claming that a London to San Francisco flight had been hijacked and that there was a bomb on the plane.”

But the teen continued with his ways, and after more bomb threats made against UK schools at the start of the new school year , this eventually led to Duke-Cohan’s arrest on August 31.

Yen revealed that more charges are pending. possibly related to the DDos attacks, along with possible extradition  to the US.

          The ProtonMail founder also said that security reasearchers who are ProtoMail users also lent their help during the investigation, Which also uncovered that the Apophis squad DDos for-hire portal was breached and exposing user data online information that may also lead to the arrest of other group members.

Wow Have Seen Youtube Dark Mode on Android is Rolling Out Started

Youtube for only android was said to be getting a Dark Mode since way back in march .it started rolling out to first ios devices on that day, butAndroid was given the dread soon tag. After too many months since then and we got an way to enable it. Good to see new feature in youtube. Since we are seeing many reports that the Dark theme is for Android here. So Many fake news are going about Dark Mode on youtube.

In many cases people are getting messages pictured above. You will see probably have to clear cache and data a few times to get the option to show up. This is a Server-side switch, so we shouldn’t need to update the youtube apk. Only need to enable the dark theme. Here are some picture given below

Let me know if you are seeing the Dark theme option in the Youtube app!

What to Look for Affordable iPhone Repair Companies

This post is all about “ What to Look for Affordable iPhone Repair Companies“. And it’s written by Jessica Poul. So I would like to thank Jessica on behalf of our team for providing a informative post :).

What to Look for Affordable iPhone Repair Companies

What to Look for Affordable iPhone Repair CompaniesApple’s gadgets are highly expensive, and you cannot buy a new product every few months. Despite what the problems are with your iPhone, iPad, Mac or any of their product, you always look for repair because it is cost effective. However, trusting the repairing technician can be difficult. Being a layman, you cannot say what repairing is actually required and what should be the charges. Once you handed over your iPhone to the professional technician, prepare yourself for anything. You cannot blame him for anything later. However, you can make efforts to find a qualified technician from affordable iPhone repair companies in Lynnwood WA for fixing your expensive gadget.

The industry is full of professionals and everyone claims to be one of the best company to provide iPhone repair services. We are not fooled to believe that. Where there are reliable professionals, there are black sheep serving the residents confidently. You need to be aware of them as they are hard to identify and if once you are trapped with them it’s difficult to save your product.

Here are a few must-have things that you should look for in a trustworthy repairing company.

Parts Replacement Quality

As the iPhone is composed of numerous small parts and every small part plays a great role in operating the phone. When you sent your phone for repair, you are not assured what repairing parts will your technician use. You have to do a little research before paying for the parts replacement. Ensure that the company is known for its quality repairing.


Visit their website to read the reviews that will help you know how capable the company is. The reviews are based on true personal experiences of clients. They have shared their stories of working the technicians so that customers like you can trust their skills for repairing gadgets like iPhone.

Work Warranty

Another sign that shows you have hired the right professionals is that they offer a long-term warranty for their repairing work as well as the parts they have replaced. Therefore, if a company offers short-term warranty for affordable Laptop battery replacement in Lynnwood WA, do not let them serve you.

Repairing Cost

Before handing your iPhone to the professionals, it is necessary to ask for the price estimates. For your safety get multiple estimates so that you can compare them. Go for the company that offers moderate rates.

Repairing Tools

The company you have hired should be fully equipped with the tools and equipment required to do the job effectively. When your company is not fully equipped, the chances of mistakes are high.

For more info you can also visit :


Well this is it . Hope to see you in next blog post only at TechnoPrenure.com!

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Basic features of Android Pie everyone must know

This post is all about “Basic features of Android Pie everyone must know “. And it’s written by one of my friend named – Trideep Das So I would like to thank Trideep on behalf of our team for providing a informative post 🙂

Android Pie

Android 9 – the latest Android operating system will be rolling out soon. The 16th version of Android’s operating system, codenamed ‘Pie’ will be in your screens from 20th August 2018. Android Oreo, the previous version needed some major upgrades. Keep reading to know some of Android Pie’s features.


Among Android Pie’s major features is Google’s personalisation features which are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Those features include Adaptive Battery which uses AI to learn which apps you use at what time of the day, and prioritizes battery towards those apps.There’s also Adaptive Brightness, which learns how you adjust your brightness settings in different lighting situations and automatically changes the display’s brightness.


App Actions in there predict what you’ll want to do based on what you’re doing on your phone at any given time. If you’re getting ready to commute, App Actions will suggest navigation with Google Maps, or perhaps that you start an Audio book.


You, get new swiping gestures in Android Pie, essentially introducing a whole new way to use Android Phones. It’s only an option, you can turn it on & off, according to your convenience.


A feature called App Timer, which lets you set a time limit on specific apps, is also coming out, along with Wind Down, which will switch on the Night light mode that limits your screen’s blue light, fades the screen to gray scale and even turns on the ‘Do not Disturb’ mode before bedtime.’Do not Disturb’ is also getting smarter, which will mute visual interruptions on your screen in addition to sounds and vibration. Smart indeed.

In a strange twist, the version of Android Pie that’s rolling out on Monday, i.e. on 20th of August, won’t include some of the ‘Digital Wellbeing’ features that Google announced at Google I/O, including a New Dashboard feature that Google says “helps you understand how you’re spending time on your device”

Google Pie is, however only rolling out to the Company’s own smartphones, Google Pixel & Google Pixel 2. Another company coming out with Pie OS is Essential Phone, which could make it the first non-Google smartphone that gets Android update on day one of the roll out.

Insiders are unclear when Samsung, LG, HTC (the major players) will get the update- Google said that devices that participated in the Android Beta programme- including Sony, Xiaomi, Nokia, Oppo, Vivo and Oneplus- will recieve the update soon.

So this is all basic information we need to know about Android Pie. It may not be that advanced stuff. But it’s worth reading for both techies and non-techies. So once again thanking our friend cum guest blogger.

Thank you so much! guys for reading my complete post. Hope it was informative and you have learned a lot from it.

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Why are old mobile phones available only at limited websites?

This post is all about “Why are old mobile phones available only at limited websites? “. And it’s written by Hyna Ahuja. So I would like to thank Hyna on behalf of our team for providing a informative post :).

Why are old mobile phones available only at limited websites?

Why are old mobile phones available only at limited websites

The rise in the industry of old mobile phones could be attributed to the elevating prices of newer ones. The fresh features, sleek design, advanced body and top-notch technology makes it difficult for people to buy the newer ones. Thus, the main reason for people buying second hand smart phones is to save money.

The old mobile phone for sale is available in two ways. Either they are being sold by the individuals directly to their buyers or to second-hand dealers. Another way in which the phones are sold is to the websites who in turn sell them as refurbished, box-opened and certified phones to the buyers. Buying a refurbished phone means that you get to have a certified, tested and guaranteed handset which could not be assured if people are selling them directly.


Some of the sites which sell these refurbished phones are:


  • Cashify: This is one of the most popular sites for selling old phones. Their instant payment and free pickup makes it the best site to sell. Moreover, their service is available in various cities.
  • Quickr: Not just restricted to phones, this platform allows the business of buying and selling of old items. The seller can enlist his phone details along with photos. The seller can directly communicate with the buyer and make the deals.
  • Togofogo: This is also one of the approved platforms for buying and selling of mobile phones with selling of the handsets after extensive Quality Check before every sale.
  • Mobile4Sale: This Bangalore-headquartered online marketplace claims to be one of the best platforms for buying or selling of old phones in India. Its large collection of phones provides a variety for the customers to select from.
  • in: Another one of the famed platforms where you can buy or sell your gadgets instantly. The buyer needs to select his gadget specifications, accept the price quote and crack the deal.
  • InstaCash: It is also a perfect platform to sell your gadget for cash. Make an instant cash exchange for your old device or make a bulk deal for your stock. Being tech-enabled, they undergo reverse logistics on their products.


All of the above are ideal places where you can sell or buy your old smart phones easily by closing the right deal at the right prices.

But, despite being on demand the second-hand market for mobiles is limited in number.

The major reasons that lead up to its low availability are:

  1. The Reputation is pretty low: The major cause for the lower sale of old mobile phones is because of their lower reputation and loyalty. Many of the sellers are not legitimate or authorized who are dealing with this second-hand mobile business. The sellers do not have enough resources, technology backup and knowledge to run the technical side of the business. With such a lower reliability, these businesses do not thrive much in the market.


  1. The danger of stolen goods: The danger of stolen goods: This is one of the main reasons why these businesses are limited in number. It is deduced by most of the customers that a second-hand phone is a stolen one. But, only fewer ones sell genuine, refurbished, tested and certified mobile phones to the customer. Thus, their limited availability.


  1. Do not provide much in the name of guarantee: Not every business is capable of providing full-fledged rights to its customer while giving second-hand mobile handsets to them. It is advisable that customers should have an all-round knowledge of their rights.


  1. Cannot fulfill the technical obligations: Not every company has the means to provide complete testing, quality checking and certification on their second-hand products. This is the reason that majority of the companies either sell fresh handsets or just provide the repairing service. Selling of old phones requires a niche of engineering which cannot be counseled by every company.


All these reasons sum up to the scenario as to why there is such a limited number of websites available for the sale of old mobile phones. At Togofogo you can sell the old mobile because they have a thorough understanding of your refurbished before you make a purchase and ask the admissible questions before you buy a phone. Compare the dealers and choose the one with ideal solutions.

Thank you so much! guys for reading my complete post. Hope it was informative and you have learned a lot from it.

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Intelligent Gadgets That Will Help You Save Time

Intelligent Gadgets That Will Help You Save Time

Hey mates, welcome to this new post on TechnoPrenure. Let me introduce you about this blogpost. So this blog post is all about some of the cool and intelligent gadgets that will help you save time. So it’s recommended to have ’em because they are really smart as they are created by smart people. :).

Why we must have all these gadgets?

The gadgets that are provided below are awesome. They can do wonders with the help of buttons. As the evolution of technology has led to the evolution of every stuff. People are trying to make stuff smaller as much as possible. And so there lies solution for everything and technology is trying to prove that with the innovations happening in the modern world. All the gadgets have the following features, means they can come under the following topics:

• Productivity gadgets

• Cool desk gadgets

• Time saving gadgets

• Smart Tech gadgets

• Life hacking gadget

So, are you interested to know the 5 best Intelligent Gadgets That Will Help You Save Time? If yes then, let’s have a look.



During our daily life processes and daily activities, we often forget many things. Like we keep the phone, key, bicycle, car etc. somewhere and after a fraction of hours we forget. This is the impact of the daily technology. So if technology has made us like that, so technology must give us the solution for it. So here is the solution. The solution is Tile Mate. So what is it? Let’s have a look at the Features of Tile Mate.


• The world’s best seller Bluetooth tracker.

• Easily loops into key chains and also attaches to anything you don’t want. to lose so you can find it fast.

• Rings your things. Whenever you have lost something make use of your smartphone in order to ring whenever you are nearer but out of the sight.

• If your Tile isn’t where you left it, you can enlist the help of the Tile community.

• Accuracy is affected by various factors such as location, physiology, and different movements and stuff.

• Rings your phone even in silent mode.

• Customer reviews – 4.1 out of 5.

• Price – $33.96

So guys did you liked the features? If yes then !

Tile mate





Nowadays there are many lenses available in the market. But carrying ’em is a headache. So it’s a 6 in 1 lenses. Its dual optics lenses let us work with dual camera system of the phone.It may be in compact science but is full of functionalities.


• Light weight

• Ultra portable

• Affordable

• It can be switched to fish eye wide angle lens, telephoto lens or macro lens.




• ERGONOMIC HAND GRIP & STRAP MOUNT: The built-in grip makes holding your phone more comfortable and gives you a firm grip on your phone while taking pictures. The strap mount on the bottom allows you to attach a wrist strap or a camera strap to your phone.

• Price : $30.00

• Compatible with iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus

• ALL AROUND PROTECTION: The Switch 6 Kit offers all around protection for bumps and scratches and the raised lip protects your screen when setting the phone face down.

• Also, the cutouts allow for full functionality of all the ports and buttons.

Wanna buy it now ? Then Buy it now by the below button.

Ztylus Switch



In this daily life style of smartphone, its usual habit of checking notifications often. And we waste a lot of time in it. We don’t realize much. So here is the best gadget in order to save time. It’s solution is FLIC. A simple and shortcut button for our favorite phone actions


• Let us snooze alarm

• Let us control music

• Can be stick anywhere.

• Its app can be setup according to and will work in the way we set up.

• Can be used to set a fake call to get away from boring meeting and date or in any situation.

• It is not just smart phone smart button. It provides a lot of services as well.

• Services include booking taxi or cabs, switching TV on and off.

• Can be used as a safety device for sharing live location if you are in trap.

• Used to order Pizza, take selfies etc.

• Price : $34.99

So that’s it in order to do your favorite action with a click of button. Wanna buy it? Click the button below ↓




laser keyboard

Are you one of those guy who works late at night? Who works more than usual? Or who is very hard working? And you are scolded by someone, when your light is on of the room? It’s very annoying to type in mobile. As due to small buttons. Most of us like to type in keyboard. But what if you don’t have a laser keyboard? Haahaa here is the solution for all the problem. Get a laser keyboard which allows you to type during night without switching the light on.


• Are you a music addict? Okay so, you are eligible to buy it. You can play music with it and is voice reporting supportable.So it can be called mini-bluetooth speaker

• 63 key keyboard.

• Uses an audible key click.

• Battery works about 4 hours minimum.

• More stable and smarter.

• To enhance buyers usage experience, we change the mini USB port to micro USB port.

• Battery : 1000 mAh. Works longer and durably

• ORIGINAL LG rechargeable batteries, which is the safest rechargeable battery

• Price : $29.50

This are all the features. If you aren’t having keyboard. You can have a good experience by here. It’s real good working. To buy it click the button below.

laser keyboard



ulo monitoring owl

Are you looking for cheap camera having multiple functionalities. Then this is the best camera. It can be used for spying, security purpose, monitoring purpose. So it’s a multi purpose camera. Let’s have a look at the features.Having cool security features embedded in it.


• Can be called spying camera, home monitoring camera, security camera.

• It’s a IP based camera wireless camera which can be used to monitor any place.

• Whenever any movement happens, it gets alert and activated.

• It mails all the footage, instantly.

• As it looks like a toy, its easy to fool victim.

• Looks like a home decorative product as its dynamic.

• Can be used to customize the eye colour with the app.

• Can be used to do live streaming, as it automatically gets activated during any movement.

• Can be used to click live images.


Thank you so much! guys for reading my complete post. Hope it was informative and you have learned a lot from it.

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10 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

10 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

This post is all about “10 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page “. And it’s written by Amanda Holden. So I would like to thank Amanda on behalf of our team for providing a informative post :).

In this modern technology world, most businesses have been shifted to websites. For that, Businesses are looking for the best ways to boost their businesses through a web platform. The website design services can help you out with it.

10 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Companypage

If you are looking for a way to create a reputed business profile of your, then LinkedIn is the best platform for you. If you are not aware of this platform, by following the below-given ways you can actually improve your LinkedIn company page. This will attract more customers to your business, and you can improve the overall productivity of your company.

10 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

  1. Make your profile visually rich.

Most people get attracted towards graphics, or we can say attractive photos. You should not underestimate the power of graphics when building an excellent business profile of your company on a LinkedIn’s page. If your page has attractive images and engaging enough, it will attract more visitors to it. More people would like to stay on your page and can read all the information listed on your profile.

  1. Be creative with your “About us.”

About us, page of your company’s LinkedIn page should be related to your company’s information. Put the right information about your company in the About Us section. You have to put the information which lets the readers know more about your company. Let your readers know about your services and how you can solve their problems effectively.

  1. Know about LinkedIn Showcase page.

You should understand the LinkedIn Showcase page and can create the same for your LinkedIn Page. These are basically the subpages of your original LinkedIn page. Here, you can add your products, descriptions, etc. These subpages are very important for the visitors to know about your company’s products. You can also add a unique logo, banner image and product descriptions in an attractive way.

  1. Make your Staff aware about the page.

If your company’s LinkedIn page a good number of followers, it will leave a different impression on other visitors. You have to ask your employees to join your LinkedIn Profile page. You can also be proactive and invite your clients to join your page. The more network of people you have, the better it would be for your company.

  1. Add relevant contents only.

On the LinkedIn page, you should add relevant information only. Add information which adds value to your company’s profile. The contents you share through your page, read by the followers. If it has useful information, they will share, and it will help the other users to join your page.

  1. Keep on updating your Profile.

You should not forget about updating your profile page by adding more information. You need to update it on a regular base so the readers can get to know more about your company’s profile and its movements.

  1. Explore Paid Campaigns.

LinkedIn also allows the businesses to advertise the brand. You can boost your page through LinkedIn Paid Campaigns. This helps your company’s page to target the relevant audiences. You should also start the campaigns with a call for actions for the viewers. You can offer your visitors a free e-Book or anything by registering through your page. This will get you a list of email Ids and other information of the visitors where you can share more information about your company and its available products.

  1. Engage with your Audiences.

You should focus more on the people who are liking your page and commenting on the posts that you share through your LinkedIn profile. Give them more information about their queries and try to solve them out. It would be more beneficial for you to build a great interactive group of readers/ followers.

  1. Make use of Follow us on LinkedIn button.

Just like Facebook and Twitter, you should add the Follow us on LinkedIn button to your website. It will give your readers more information about your LinkedIn page, and you will gain more followers to your profile.

  1. Join new groups or create one for you.

Social Network campaigns require a powerful group of people. If you join different types of groups related to your company and its product, it will help you all to know about each other’s products. You all can share your creative ideas. Ask all the group members to follow your LinkedIn page. You can also create a new group and invite the like-minded people to join in.

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