Most Important Cyber Attacks Techniques that often used by Hackers

The cyber attacks occurs on a daily basis, and these can range from attacks on tech giants to individuals falling fouls to the many scams which are present online. Thankfully, there are ways in which people and groups at both end of the scale can reduce their level of susceptiblity to attacks, with virtual private […]

Hacker uses ProtonMail VPN. Hacker DDoSes ProtonMail. Hacker gets arrested.

Braggadocio teen part of up and coming Apophis Squad hacking sauad fails to protect his identity. Gets promptly arrested by UK police. Pleads guilty. A major openSec mistake led to the arrest of a hacker part of a hacking crew that the summer. The hacker is 19 year old teenager named George Duke-Cohan, From Herfordshire, […]