To say that digitalization has made everything simpler and easier would be an understatement. There is a solution to literally every problem online. Even if you
are an interior decorator or simply a home owner looking to make changes to
your living.
You might be surprised at just what your mobile phone can do and there apps
that can help you out and take care of your décor needs. Especially if you don’t
wat to spend money on hiring interior designer, you should download these apps.
But then the question arises, which apps are suitable for downloading. The
answer is, let us take care of that. Here are the top five apps you can use for
home décor.

1. Bright Nest:

BrightNest allows you to scan your interior in detail and then get
recommendations on how to proceed and what to try. Getting the interior plan
right is the most difficult and basic task. BrightNest will not let you slip up in that.
The correct process for any décor is to design your way step by step. It helps your
organize stuff and keep it together. Something you often struggle with is the
furniture settings. BrightNest will recommend which furniture to buy and how to
arrange everything. The app’s purpose is to give you a grand plan.

2. Houzz:

There are two aspects of Houzz. One is the actual range of element such as
furniture and fittings, stuff you can pick and drop to see where it looks good and
all such technical things. The other aspect of Houzz is the wealth of articles, blogs,
stories, recommendations and ideas that you can find on the website.
The experience of other people will guide you in creating the perfect house for
yourself. There are many articles written by experts. That is a lot of information
you can use that is there for free. With house you got both aspects covered:
technical building as well as ideas and theories.

3. Zillow Digs:

Some people are like me, we are hopeless at coming up with new ideas. If that is
the case with you, hold Zillow Digs app tightly and don’t let it go. It generates
remarkable décor ideas for your home. The platform the app sets for you is very
It puts you on the right track to creating a beautiful living situation. By giving you
some pre-set ideas it basically does half your job for you.

4. MagicPlan:

MagicPlan is an app that focuses on flooring and ceiling of a house. It provides
you with various flooring ideas such as tiles, marbles, shades and patterns for
your floors. Whereas ideas for hangings, decorations, lights for your ceilings.
Trust me with the help of MagicPlan, the entire look of your house will change
with few simple installations.

5. Home Design 3D Gold:

Home Design 3D Gold is house decorative app that is once again suitable for
people like me – idealess and blank headed. It can help you transform your house
into an unrecognizable beauty.
It also recommends steps you can take to make your house more spacious.
Overall, it is a complete interior decoration app.

Author bio: Nuur Hasan is a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than
seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes
to blog. His other interests include politics and sports.


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