Hey mates, hope you are doing well.  Giving a come back after a long time in the blog 😛 .  It’s really been a long time since I last published a blogpost. Hehe, so let’s get started. And I think all of you have seen the title of the blog – “How to start blogging in simple steps” . So all of you are familiar with the term blogging 😛 . Damn it was a silly and lame question. And if you reading this post you will obviously know it 😀 .

Running a successful blog  is dream for most of the people. Most of the people wants to tell and share something with all through the means of writing. And that’s the f**king unique thing of human and due to this reason human are controlling the whole world. Human keeps the record and can share things by writing , so that even if the human dies the discoveries and theories and rest of the things are left with us. Hahaha getting off the topic. Let’s get in 🙂

What actually a blog is?

It’s a mode of sharing information in the internet and actually benefit others to letting them learn without  discovering. Its actually a website where information is shared. And due to recent advancement in technology it’s not necessary that we must know programming in order to create websites. You can actually create good looking and dynamic websites without coding as well so just be calm . Many people use it as their diary to write stuff related to their experience and yes many people have got something they want to write and share with others to reduce their pain, to make people aware, to teach, to share, to talk etc.


how to start blogging in simple steps

Steps to get started!

  1. Buy a custom domain (recommended). Don’t go for free domains because that’s a shitty idea: It just costs around $5-10 to buy a domain.  It actually depends as of how much addons you want.  And accordingly the price is calculated . It’s recommended to go for advanced pack even if you are not pro! because you don’t have to play with addons or edit them. So go for advanced level. You can purchase domain from – CrazyDomains, NameCheap, Godaddy etc.
  2. Thereafter,  buy hosting for your blog. There are many, but don’t go for a cheap one or free one (recommended): You can purchase hosting as per your requirements and budget. And if you want to make your life a laptop-lifestyle blog then, going for free hosting is again a shitty ass idea. Feel free to purchase in hosting as much as you can to make the blog look like pro! Example of hosting providers :  Bluehost, Hostinger, Hostgator, Hostathash etc.
  3. Choose a blogging platform : After purchasing the blog and hosting its the third process-to install the blogging platform. There  are many platforms available in the market. Don’t worry you don’t have to pay for it. You can but if you don’t it’s okay. Some of the widely known platforms are Blogger, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.
  4. Then get started posting contents – After setting up everything you have to just get start to write or publish anything of the niche you have chosen or the type of blog you are having. Be it portfolio, writeup, infosec, tech or any kinda. Just make or create unique contents. It’s important to stay  original and follow basic rules on the basis of which you are ranked. For certain rules you can refer to SEO RULES
  5. After that go for monetizing your content and have – In the world full of fakes and half assed people  its too hard to understand who is gonna leave you and who’s gonna not. But majority will leave for sure. It’s money that will get others get attracted to you. But never mind in return they will make you strong by giving pain. Today in the world what people see is just how much you earn not how you earn.So till here if everything is okay. Go and make your earning. Convert the passion you passion into money if it’s benefiting others and here you don’t have to get others to pay you to read your writeups. If you are thinking so, maybe you are not familiar with this field. You can monetize your content with Google Adsense by embedding ads. And other way is affiliate marketing which is used if you have a good amount viewers to your blog. Don’t look for money everywhere.

I know this writeup was too short . But don’t go with quantity, go over quality. I hope you liked it. I just wrote it because some of mine mates were telling me on and on about how to do blogging or like what’s the procedure. I hope it’s clear and if you are interested you can be a cool blogger and can earn actually something than nothing and do whatever you ‘ld like to do with $s. Hahaha sounds cool and it’s literally cool once you get engaged with the community. If you need any help  feel free to contact me. And its not a tutorial for experts. It’s just for the starters or beginners. Just feel motivated and get started because you learn when you launch. Always remember E>S>A>N (Everything>Something>Anything>Nothing). Am sorry if you felt bored in between or any errors and mistake I made in between. I know my writeup is not that effective.

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