Intelligent Gadgets That Will Help You Save Time

Hey mates, welcome to this new post on TechnoPrenure. Let me introduce you about this blogpost. So this blog post is all about some of the cool and intelligent gadgets that will help you save time. So it’s recommended to have ’em because they are really smart as they are created by smart people. :).

Why we must have all these gadgets?

The gadgets that are provided below are awesome. They can do wonders with the help of buttons. As the evolution of technology has led to the evolution of every stuff. People are trying to make stuff smaller as much as possible. And so there lies solution for everything and technology is trying to prove that with the innovations happening in the modern world. All the gadgets have the following features, means they can come under the following topics:

• Productivity gadgets

• Cool desk gadgets

• Time saving gadgets

• Smart Tech gadgets

• Life hacking gadget

So, are you interested to know the 5 best Intelligent Gadgets That Will Help You Save Time? If yes then, let’s have a look.



During our daily life processes and daily activities, we often forget many things. Like we keep the phone, key, bicycle, car etc. somewhere and after a fraction of hours we forget. This is the impact of the daily technology. So if technology has made us like that, so technology must give us the solution for it. So here is the solution. The solution is Tile Mate. So what is it? Let’s have a look at the Features of Tile Mate.


• The world’s best seller Bluetooth tracker.

• Easily loops into key chains and also attaches to anything you don’t want. to lose so you can find it fast.

• Rings your things. Whenever you have lost something make use of your smartphone in order to ring whenever you are nearer but out of the sight.

• If your Tile isn’t where you left it, you can enlist the help of the Tile community.

• Accuracy is affected by various factors such as location, physiology, and different movements and stuff.

• Rings your phone even in silent mode.

• Customer reviews – 4.1 out of 5.

• Price – $33.96

So guys did you liked the features? If yes then !

Tile mate





Nowadays there are many lenses available in the market. But carrying ’em is a headache. So it’s a 6 in 1 lenses. Its dual optics lenses let us work with dual camera system of the phone.It may be in compact science but is full of functionalities.


• Light weight

• Ultra portable

• Affordable

• It can be switched to fish eye wide angle lens, telephoto lens or macro lens.




• ERGONOMIC HAND GRIP & STRAP MOUNT: The built-in grip makes holding your phone more comfortable and gives you a firm grip on your phone while taking pictures. The strap mount on the bottom allows you to attach a wrist strap or a camera strap to your phone.

• Price : $30.00

• Compatible with iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus

• ALL AROUND PROTECTION: The Switch 6 Kit offers all around protection for bumps and scratches and the raised lip protects your screen when setting the phone face down.

• Also, the cutouts allow for full functionality of all the ports and buttons.

Wanna buy it now ? Then Buy it now by the below button.

Ztylus Switch



In this daily life style of smartphone, its usual habit of checking notifications often. And we waste a lot of time in it. We don’t realize much. So here is the best gadget in order to save time. It’s solution is FLIC. A simple and shortcut button for our favorite phone actions


• Let us snooze alarm

• Let us control music

• Can be stick anywhere.

• Its app can be setup according to and will work in the way we set up.

• Can be used to set a fake call to get away from boring meeting and date or in any situation.

• It is not just smart phone smart button. It provides a lot of services as well.

• Services include booking taxi or cabs, switching TV on and off.

• Can be used as a safety device for sharing live location if you are in trap.

• Used to order Pizza, take selfies etc.

• Price : $34.99

So that’s it in order to do your favorite action with a click of button. Wanna buy it? Click the button below ↓




laser keyboard

Are you one of those guy who works late at night? Who works more than usual? Or who is very hard working? And you are scolded by someone, when your light is on of the room? It’s very annoying to type in mobile. As due to small buttons. Most of us like to type in keyboard. But what if you don’t have a laser keyboard? Haahaa here is the solution for all the problem. Get a laser keyboard which allows you to type during night without switching the light on.


• Are you a music addict? Okay so, you are eligible to buy it. You can play music with it and is voice reporting supportable.So it can be called mini-bluetooth speaker

• 63 key keyboard.

• Uses an audible key click.

• Battery works about 4 hours minimum.

• More stable and smarter.

• To enhance buyers usage experience, we change the mini USB port to micro USB port.

• Battery : 1000 mAh. Works longer and durably

• ORIGINAL LG rechargeable batteries, which is the safest rechargeable battery

• Price : $29.50

This are all the features. If you aren’t having keyboard. You can have a good experience by here. It’s real good working. To buy it click the button below.

laser keyboard



ulo monitoring owl

Are you looking for cheap camera having multiple functionalities. Then this is the best camera. It can be used for spying, security purpose, monitoring purpose. So it’s a multi purpose camera. Let’s have a look at the features.Having cool security features embedded in it.


• Can be called spying camera, home monitoring camera, security camera.

• It’s a IP based camera wireless camera which can be used to monitor any place.

• Whenever any movement happens, it gets alert and activated.

• It mails all the footage, instantly.

• As it looks like a toy, its easy to fool victim.

• Looks like a home decorative product as its dynamic.

• Can be used to customize the eye colour with the app.

• Can be used to do live streaming, as it automatically gets activated during any movement.

• Can be used to click live images.


Thank you so much! guys for reading my complete post. Hope it was informative and you have learned a lot from it.

Ok, so hope to see you in my next tutorial at TechnoPrenure 🙂

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